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Ok, we all know what a great Road Captain Charlie Askren is. And we also know about his unique ability to get women to follow him anywhere. But did you know he was a talented rhymester as well? Stay tuned as we bring you some of his work.

Marvelous Marvin and 
His Magnificent Motorcycle

Marvin went out riding,
One warm summer's night.
To watch him ride his Softail,
Was an awesome sight.

He told his riding buddies,
"I have to do this alone.
I'm going under power,
Down the Devil's Backbone."

He was doing 90 miles per hour,
a mile down from the top,
while down at the bottom,
stood a highway cop.

The cop flagged him down,
and said with a grin,
"Boy, you just don't know,
How much trouble you're in."

Marvin told the trooper,
"When you turn me loose,
I'm going to ride to glory,
on my Softail Deuce."

He fired up his Twin Cam,
And kicked it in gear.
What the trooper was saying,
He didn't want to hear.

He tried to do a wheelie,
Amid the noise and smoke.
Be he didn't get far,
Before his drive belt broke.

The highway cop said "Son,
I've never seen such luck.
When I get you to jail,
You can call a tow truck."

I'll end this story now,
This verse will be the last.
Marvin traded in his Softail,
And now he has a Blast!

- 2001 Charlie Askren

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